How Estee Lauder conquered Europe

A story of how a successful American Brand conquered Europe with $0 spent on marketing
Today, on the anniversary of the birth of the founder of Estée Lauder and the brilliant businesswoman Josephine Esther Mentzer, we take a moment to honor her incredible achievements and revolutionary marketing techniques.

When she set her sights on conquering Europe, she faced the challenge of limited resources. Undeterred, she came up with a brilliant idea. In Galeries Lafayette, she accidentally spilled her iconic cosmetic oil, filling the entire space with its captivating fragrance. The aroma mesmerized everyone, and the next day, newspapers were buzzing with the news. Just like that, she established a strong presence for the American cosmetic brand in Paris and Europe.
Estée Lauder's success was driven by her genius marketing techniques, such as the concept of free gifts with purchase and offering free makeup for customers. She went beyond sales tactics and inspired her staff to create meaningful customer connections.
Today, we pay tribute to Josephine Esther Mentzer, an extraordinary woman who changed the face of the beauty industry and marketing. Her legacy lives on, inspiring us to dream big and innovate fearlessly. Join us in celebrating her remarkable contributions!
Nataliya Scarberry